Celebrate American Agriculture

Every day, conversations about food take place all around us - at the supermarket, in the news, and online. Food is something that connects us all but many people have questions about how it gets from the farm to their fork. Consumers need accurate, science-based facts about modern food production.

Many people don't know about farmers' and ranchers' relationship with their animals, or how modern farmers produce meat, milk, and eggs. The image of the family farm with its red barn, a few chickens in the yard, some pigs in the mud, and cows in the field isn't accurate anymore. Today, U.S. animal agriculture is a dynamic, specialized endeavor - the envy of the rest of the world. Modern American agriculture allows less than two percent of the population to feed the rest of us. Well cared for, healthy livestock and poultry is the key to this efficiency, resulting in the highest-quality and most affordable food in the history of the world. Farmers and ranchers continuously strive to better serve their animals, the land, and consumers.

Americans enjoy an abundance of choices in the supermarket. That is worth celebrating! Learn how farmers and ranchers - whether they farm using biotechnology or organically, on 10,000 acres or 10 acres - produce wholesome, safe, and affordable foods for their family and yours.

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